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Loveland Elementary School

Flora has arrived at Loveland!



Please join us in welcoming Flora the pig to Loveland!  For our One Book One School program this year, all students will be reading The Adventures of a South Pole Pig:  A Novel of Snow and Courage!  The students and staff are excited to begin this adventure together.  Each day a new video will be posted here with a guest reader narrating the reading assignment (please check the calendar your student received at school for the nightly assignment).  Feel free to use the recordings or enjoy reading the book together with your kids!  The students will have a chance to answer trivia questions and win prizes each day at school, and we will have many other exciting opportunities as we work our way through the book.

Chapters 1-2, Pages 1-15


Chapters 3-5, Pages 16-29

Chapters 6-7, Pages 30-47

Chapter 8, Pages 48-58

Chapters 9-10, Pages 59-75

Chapters 11-12, Pages 76-90

Chapters 13-14, Pages 91-100

Chapters 15-16, Pages 101-112

Chapters 17-19, Pages 113-131

Chapters 20-22, Pages 132-157

Chapters 23-24, Pages158-179

Chapters 25-26, Pages 180-192


Chapters 27-29, Pages 193-207

Chapters 30, 31, and 32 – Pages 208-231

Chapters 33-35, Pages 232-260

Chapters 36 – 38, Pages 261-278

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